By Dave Trapani
Apollo Landing Sites
This is a project that I thought would be fun for me to image.  Over the course of
one month using several different Moon charts and software packages, I was
able to locate the landing sites for all of the Apollo Missions and get them on
film.  Although it was a fun photography project, I am not really satisfied with the
quality of the images.  I will be repeating this project again this year and will add
the newer images to this album when completed.  Enjoy!
An overview of the Apollo
Mission landing sites.
Apollo 11:  Astronauts
Armstrong, Aldrin and
Collins. Landing in the Sea
of Tranquility on July
20,1969. The first humans
on the Moon.
Apollo 12:  Astronauts
Conrad, Gordon and Bean.
Conrad and Gordon land
Southeast of the Oceanus
Procellarum on November
19, 1969.
Apollo 14:  Astronauts
Shepard, Mitchell and
Roosa land on the Fra
Mauro on February 5th,
Apollo 15:  Astronauts
Scott, Irwin and Worden.
Scott and Irwin landed in
the Montes Appeninus
Region on July 30, 1971.
This image was taken with
the Meade LPI.
Apollo 16:  Astronauts
Young, Duke and Mattingly.
Youg and Duke land just
East of the Ptolemaeus
crater Region on April 21,
Apollo 17:  Astronauts
Cernan, Schmidt and
Evans. Cernan and Schmidt
land North of the Mare
Tranquilitatis region on
December 11, 1972. The
last men on the Moon.
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