NGC 1499  - The California Nebula in Hubble Palette
Image Capture Details

Optics:  Meade LX20014 GPS 14 @ F/2 with HyperStar
Mount: MItty Wedge
Camera: SXV H18
Filters: Astronomik
Exposure:  Ha 63 Min, SII 144 Min, OIII 54 Min
Time: 8:15pm - 3:50AM
Location: Cold Brook, NY
© 2012 David A. Trapani
All Rights Reserved
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NGC 1499, the "California Nebula" located in
constellation Perseus. Distance is about 1000 light
years.  Here, I mapped the Hydrogen data to the
Green Channel, the Sulfur Data to the Red Channel
and the Oxygen Data to the Blue Channel to create
this hubble palette image.