NGC 1499- The California Nebula

Image Capture Detail

Optics:  Celestron 11SCT @ F/2 with HyperStar
Mount: CGEPro
Camera: SXV MX25c
Filters: Astronomik
Exposure:  36X 5 Minutes = 4 Hours
Time: 8:00PM -  12:00AM
Location: Waldwick, NJ
© 2012 David A. Trapani
All Rights Reserved
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California Nebula

A large but visually faint H II region, about 1,000 light-
years away in the constellation Perseus, which is ionized
and thereby made visible by the hot star Xi Persei. This
star belongs to an association of young stars which
probably arose from this interstellar cloud. The California
Nebula was discovered by Edward Barnard in 1884–85 and
is named for its resemblance to the American state.