NGC 281 The Pac Man Nebula -  9.20.2007
Image Capture Details

Optics:  Meade LX200 14 GPS @ F/2 with HyperStar
Mount: Meade
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel
Filters: Astronomik LP
Exposure:  115X 30 Seconds = 57.5 Minutes
ISO 800
Time: 10:50 PM EST - 11:55PM EST
Location: Waldwick, NJ
© 2007 David A. Trapani
All Rights Reserved
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NGC 281 is a red diffused nebula about 2 degrees east of
alpha Cas. Though almost all of diffused nebulae emitting
the reddish spectra by the activated hydrogen molecule can
hardly be detected with our naked eyes, NGC281 is fairly
bright, and you can appreciate its dimmed shape with
binoculars in the extremely good conditioned sky.
The constellation of Cassiopeia is located in the autumn's
Milky Way, and has various attractive and photographed
objects including the nebula.