IC 1396 The  Elephant Trunk Nebula -  9.19.2007
Image Capture Details

Optics:  Meade LX200 14 GPS @ F/2 with HyperStar
Mount: Meade
Camera: Canon Digital Rebel
Filters: Astronomik LP
Exposure:  250X 30 Seconds = 125 Minutes
ISO 800
Time: 12:05 PM EST - 2:34AM EST
Location: Waldwick, NJ
© 2007 David A. Trapani
All Rights Reserved
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1.  The Elephant Trunk Nebula is located within the
large IC1396 emission nebula complex.  This
beautiful area of hydrogen gas and dust is a stellar
nursery that holds many young nascent stars.  The
top region of the Elephant Trunk is being blown away
by radiation emitted from new-born stars that are
igniting deep within the nebula.   Although the dark
gas and dust are opaque to visible light, infrared light
passes through this region easily, permitting a view
of the inner workings of the Elephant Trunk.

1.  http://www.starrywonders.com/elephanttrunk.html