By Dave Trapani
Pluto is the 9th planet from the Sun. Pluto is a relatively recent discovery. It was not
discovered until 1930.

Pluto is the smallest planet, about one-fifth the size of Earth. About the size of the
Earth's moon.

Pluto is quite different from the other distant planets like Jupiter, Neptune and
Uranus. It is not a gas planet. It is made of mostly rock and ice.

Pluto is 5.9 billion kilometers from the Sun, and takes over 247 years to go once
around the Sun. Although Pluto is usually the farthest from the Sun, its orbit is very
elongated. At times, it is closer to the Sun than Neptune.

Like Neptune, Pluto is too far away to learn much about it.
To date I have not had the opportunity to image Pluto.  It is on
my hit list and as soon as I have a decent image to speak of I
will post it here.  It won't be more than a 19th magnitude dot.  
As you can see below that this is the best Hubble can do, so
don't expect much from me. LOL
This is the clearest view of Pluto and
its satellite Charon seen by the Hubble
Space Telescope and taken by the
European Space Agency's Faint Object
Camera on February 21, 1994.
(Courtesy of NASA and Dr. R.
Albrecht, ESA/ESO Space)
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